Underground Machine Retrieval Service

Murray Engineering is proud to offer our RetrieveME underground machine retrieval service, using our remotely operated Beltor Mine Extraction device. Our specially trained extraction team can mobilise quickly to assess and extract machines which reduces operational downtime on your site. The team has performed many successful underground retrievals of boggers/loaders, trucks and other critical mine equipment which have been crushed or trapped after a rockfall.

Our underground machine retrieval service is unique, as our retrieval equipment can be remotely operated from a safe distance of up to 100m away. It also has critical data and video feedback. This means that personnel are located safety away from the line of fire, but still have visual sight of the extraction unit. 

reduced cost, increased safety

Murray Engineering’s RetrieveME Machine Retrieval Service is available at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire machine if it remains trapped underground. Our RetrieveME extraction team operates independently of other activities, and therefore minimises interruption to ore production. Critical mine equipment and other machines can continue to operate while the extraction device frees the trapped machine, and personnel are kept safely away from danger whilst the retrieval takes place. Our recovery service is done on a cost plus basis- ensuring that there are no unexpected costs at the end of the project. 

If one of these units cannot successfully perform a retrieval, the machine is then deemed unsalvageable, as this system is considered the most effective underground machine extraction device available.


The remote modification of our RetrieveME unit for our underground machine retrieval service was performed by our Automation & Control Systems division. Murray Engineering’s Automation & Control Systems division provides Machine Guidance, Wireless Communications, Remote Control and Proximity Detection Systems for every make and model of mining equipment.

If you have a piece of equipment which you would like to be remotely operated, please contact our Automation team.