OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer

The OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer is a precision 3D technology for measuring, analysing, visualising and recording the application and quality of shotcrete ground support. 

Shotcrete thickness measurement is crucial in evaluating the quality of shotcrete application. The Murray Engineering OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer helps to improve quality, efficiency and safety through a combination of under-spray detection, over-spray reduction, optimal material usage and minimised rework.

The safety and durability of ground support is ensured when shotcrete is applied in accordance to specifications. Our OptiME technology provides shotcrete thickness information immediately, therefore enabling instant
and accurate evaluations in-situ.

Features and benefits of the optime 3d shotcrete optimizer


  • Detect under-spray thin spots
  • Reduce over-spray wastage
  • Minimise and eliminate re-work
  • Improve operational efficiency saving time and cost
  • Streamline your paste-making supply logistics chain
  • Enhance mine productivity and safety


  • Automatic shotcrete thickness measurement
  • Automatic identification of over/under-spray areas
  • High-resolution precision measurement with Eye-Safe laser scanning
  • Measure, Analyse and Report 100,000+ sampling points in 3D immediately
  • 3D Shotcrete Map visuals with colour-coded Point Cloud display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi network connectivity for remote operation, optional 4G-LTE


In addition to savings in raw materials, this immediate shotcrete thickness information allows the operator to identify and fix thin-spots immediately there and then. As a result, the need for expensive and time-consuming rework is
minimised if not eliminated altogether.

The OptiME technology is designed to deliver performance in the rugged underground mining environment. It is suitable for permanent install onto a shotcrete spray rig/vehicle or operated as a standalone device. Its built-in
wireless connectivity enables remote operation in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.

Dont Settle for inferior

Conventional shotcrete thickness measurement is time consuming and often inaccurate. 

The OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer eliminates operator error, and gives accurate measurements, every time, saving you time, resources and cost.

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