Murray Engineering’s Pumping Division offers complete Engineering Design, Drafting, Fabrication, Assembly, Skid-Mounting, Packaging, Installation and Commissioning of all Mechanical and Electrical requirements of Rotating Equipment.

Our highly experienced team have the skills and capability to offer a turnkey package to your pumping systems on, and off site. With 24/7 coverage and complete management of your systems reliability we can ensure that the optimum availability is achieved.

  • Site Pump Audits, plant health checks and production availability improvements
  • Overhaul of all types, sizes and brands of pumps
  • Supply of many OEM pumps and parts
  • Supply of re-engineered spare parts for any OEM as required
  • Boiler feed & cooling water pump overhaul and re-rate
  • Mechanical seal overhaul
  • Motorization and skid packaging with diesel, electric or turbine drive
  • Fans and blowers repair and service
  • Turbine overhauls
  • Compressor service and overhaul
  • On-site maintenance and repairs including embedded engineers/specialized mechanical fitters on site for full time service contracts
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Failure analysis with full RCFA reporting
  • Full spectrum vibration analysis and condition monitoring reporting

Murray Engineering Pump Set (MEPS):

The MEPS- Helical Rotor Pump is designed for dewatering purposes. The base unit includes a tank, progressing cavity pump, inspection ladder, valves, and piping all mounted on a common galvanized or painted steel skid. Murray Engineering also provide the unit with a control panel as required; with integrated instrumentation such as high/low level switches for the tank or dry run protection for the pump.

Why is the Murray Engineering Helical Rotor Pump superior to competitors?

Due to the housing design in the Helical Rotor Pump, the position of the mechanical seal/stuffing box is close to the housing flange, which allows the pumped fluid to flush and recirculate efficiently the solids in the sealing area. Solids particles will not accumulate in the sealing area which will avoid premature wear and lack of lubrication on the seal.

The bearing housing of the Helical Rotor Pump has bearings greased and sealed for life, therefore requiring less maintenance. The sealing line of the rotor and stator is also longer than competing pumps, which results in increased longevity.

Don’t Settle For Inferior:

In comparison to competitors, the volume of the cavity in the Helical Rotor Pump is bigger (7% bigger than the leading brand). This allows the Helical Rotor Pump to run slower with the same flow, which increases the run life of the rotor and stator on the Helical Rotor Pump compared to competitors.


  • Design stops build up of solids particles
  • Larger cavity allows for extended run life
  • Longer sealing line results in increased longevity
  • Bearings greased and sealed for life- no need to use additional grease and oil
  • Conical shaped stator entrance which improves fluid pathway and decreases NPSHr
  • Cardan joint absorbs more torque and thrust loads than a flexible shaft


Murray Engineering Pump Set- Dewatering & Slurry Pumping