Full Suite of Underground Mining Machinery and Equipment for hire

From drills to loaders and dump trucks, tool carriers, agitators, shotcreting and charging machines and pumps- we’ve got you covered. All our mining machines and equipment for hire goes through a stringent and comprehensive maintenance service before going on hire, so you can be confident that you are hiring top-quality machines which have been well looked-after and maintained. Both our mining machines and equipment for hire are available for short and long term hire, and can be used in any environment, or on any site required. With over 100 pieces of machinery in our hire fleet, we have the right machines for any job.

Integrated Toolcarriers

Volvo L120 Integrated Toolcarrier

 Serial #26731

2012 Model

Volvo L120 Integrated Toolcarrier

Serial #26516

2012 Model


·        Atlas Copco MT6020 Dump Truck

4 machines available



CAT AD55B Ejector Truck



CAT AD55B Dump Truck



Sandvik TH663 Dump Truck



Water Carts

CAT AD55B Water Cart

Serial #JNW00107

2012 Model

LHD’s / Boggers/ Loaders

CAT R2900                            3 machines available (JLK serial numbers)

CAT R3000H


CAT AD55 8m3 Agitator

Specialty Equipment

Low Profile Loader- LP401 

The LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) that can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal personnel-operated machine cannot operate, or where humans should not go. Available for hire or purchase. Find out more about the LP401 here on our LP401 Product Page.

Mine Equipment Washer (MEW)

The Mine Equipment Washer (MEW) is a new all-in-one mobile solution for the mining and infrastructure industries, improving safety and reducing wash time. A unique and purpose-built vehicle taking washing capabilities to unmatched heights. Utilizing the components and systems from washing and de-icing systems that have already proven themselves over the years, the Vestergaard Elephant® MEW provides customers with reliable and efficient washing capability.

Air Compressor

CompAir Holman Air Compressor, maximum working pressure 13.9 Bar, capacity 900CFM at 125 PSI.