Fabrication Services

Murray Engineering is a tier one supplier of mining fabrication services to the resources and renewable energy sectors. 

Our dedicated state of the art fabrication workshop is fully equipped with laser cutting and mechanised material preparation machines, as well as overhead cranage. We also perform Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM crack detection).

Our mining fabrication services include engineering design, repairs and refurbishment of existing parts, as well as manufacture and fabrication of brand new components and replacement panels for mining machines. 

Our fabrication teams are based in Pinjarra, Newcastle and Kalgoorlie, which allows unparalleled nationwide coverage. Our qualified tradespeople are certified to weld to AS/NZS 1554.5 2014 and AS/NZS 1554.1 SP 2014.

Active flow helmets are used for all welding and cutting functions and ventilation is optimised by the aspect of the buildings. 

Our fabrication workshop equipment includes a laser cutter, plasma cutter, hydraulic brake press, guillotine, plate rollers and multi-function welders. We also have an on-site blasting facility in Pinjarra, which allows us to control blasting quality and move components quickly between blasting and paint- providing a superior product every time. 

Mining Fabrication Services and Products Provided: 

  • Fabrication of machine attachments
  • Frames
  • Bucket rebuilds
  • Platforms
  • Work baskets
  • Dump body rebuilds and repairs
  • Aftermarket mining machine parts (included but not limited to CAT, Komatsu, Atlas Copco and Sandvik)
  • Fixed plant components
  • Mobile plant attachments
  • Skid bases
  • Handrails and machinery guards
  • Excavator booms and sticks repairs
  • Loader and excavator buckets
  • Stainless steel welding
  • Mobile welding truck


Our range of quality aftermarket replacement parts and upgrade parts are designed to fit into OEM mounting points, and can be supplied on their own or installed by a Murray Engineering technician. 

View the brochure to the left to see more detail, or visit our Products and Services Catalogue Page to see other products and systems available from Murray Engineering. 

ACFM Crack Detection

What is it? Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) is one of the best ways to detect and measure the presence and size of defects on the surface of metallic components and welds. The ACFM technique is non-destructive, and can be performed effectively over metal coatings such as paint or rust. It can also be performed accurately in temperatures up to 600 degrees. 

How it works: The ACFM technique introduces a remote uniform current to an area under testing. If there are no defects present, the electrical current remains undisturbed. If a crack or defect is present, the current will flow down the ends and faces of the crack, presenting a unique reading. 

Our Service: Murray Engineering’s trained ACFM assessors are able to expertly test materials and interpret these readings to determine if a fault is present, and if so, how large the defect is. This early detection can prevent expensive problems in the future if a component fails due to a defect. Our ACFM service is fast, efficient and cost-effective. See our Mechanical Services page for our other mechanical services provided.