Pressurised Mine Equipment Washer

The Murray Engineering supplied Pressurised Mine Equipment Washer (MEW) is a new all-in-one mobile washing solution for the mining and infrastructure industries, improving safety and reducing wash time. It is a unique and purpose-built vehicle taking washing capabilities to unmatched heights. The MEW provides operators with a highly efficient, reliable and safe equipment washer, which is fully mine-certified and ready to drive onto site immediately.

Equipped with a total of 7,600 litre capacity tanks for water and detergent and an onboard heating system, the Pressurised Mine Equipment Washer is ready to clean within minutes of arrival at temperatures from ambient to 95 degrees. Cleaning of equipment is conducted with efficient, high/low pressure spray guns in the basket or at ground level, by up to two trained operators at the same time.

Mine Equipment Washer Features and Benefits Include:


  • Heated pressurised cleaning
  • Work safe approved
  • High mobility with no outriggers required
  • One person operation possible
  • Closer proximity to target with the high reach boom
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple pressure spray guns in the basket and at ground level


  • Reduced wash time
  • Flexibility- useable across multiple sites and types of equipment
  • Reduction of build up/over weight
  • Enhanced safety/accessibility for personnel
  • Potential cost savings/productivity gains


  • CE Certified unit
  • ADR registered vehicle
  • Department of Mines & Petroleum Australia Certified

High Reach Telescopic Boom

Rotating at it’s base, the unique boom system provides a versatile operating range with smooth proportional movements. With a working height of up to 15 meters (approx. 49 feet) the MEW can easily access difficult parts of most large assets previously difficult to reach, allowing for an increased scope of works. The MEW is easy to maneuver and can be operated by one or two persons, ensuring maximum manpower efficiency. The unit can also be driven and operated from the basket, utilising one person only if required.

Compared to traditional methods, the MEW requires minimal set-up time. No outriggers are required and no external cables or hoses are needed; reducing congestion around the cleaning site. The MEW is simply driven to the asset on site ready to undertake washing. The unit is built on a chassis from a world-renowned manufacturer, and its Australian Road approval allows the vehicle to be driven safely from site to site, without expensive freight costs.

Mine Equipment Washer Range of Motion Graphic
Mine Equipment Washer Range of Motion Graphic

Dont Settle for inferior

The Murray Engineering MEW is the most flexible equipment washer on the market. Other variations are inefficient, have lower capacity, do not encompass a telescopic boom to reach heights, and thus require other supplementary equipment to get the job done. The MEW is fully mine certified, and has been tried and tested as an effective washer and de-icer in the
aviation industry by Vestergaard over many years. It is an efficient, compact solution for cleaning and maintenance. View the brochure to the left to see more detail, or visit our Products and Services Catalogue Page to see other systems available from Murray Engineering.