LP401 Low Profile Loader

Murray Engineering is the official distributor of the Hard-Line LP401 in Australia. The LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) which can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal personnel-operated machine cannot operate, or where humans should not go. It is remote controlled, 1016mm high, and has a lift capacity of 1000kgs with the counterweight kit installed.

It provides a safe and easy way to collect or move ore and clean. The machine has been developed following mine requirements and user needs, and is compatible with Teleop and all Teleop upgrades.

The LP401 is perfect for use in hazardous areas, where personnel are at risk of serious harm. Cleaning culverts and underneath operational conveyor belts are some of the most popular uses for the LP401. The machines have been used by local councils and governments as well as Tier 1 mining groups alike. 

LP401 Low Profile Loader Applications Include:


  • Culvert and storm drain cleaning
  • Cleaning underneath conveyor belts
  • Removal of spillage
  • Removal of materials
  • Cleaning slopes after blasting
  • Mucking operations in thinly bedded deposits


  • Military missions
  • Building defensive berms
  • Pushing blasted ore
  • Carrying Ore

The LP401 also has a variety of available attachments and options to suit any application, from over the tyre tracks to a strobe light kit and tow package kit. All attachments are compatible with third party skid steer attachments.

With infinitely variable tandem hydrostatic piston pumps driving two fully reversing hydrostatic motors, the LP401 has the power to get the job done.

Dont Settle for inferior

Other profile skid steer loaders are not designed for the rugged conditions of mines and industrial sites. Because the LP401 is robust and has a range of attachments, it is more versatile. It also has a lower profile to fit into those spaces where other machines cannot. Murray Engineering’s Automation & Control Systems Division stands behind the LP401 as the best low profile loader on the market in Australia. 

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