Full Suite of Underground Mining Machines
From drills to loaders and dump trucks, tool carriers, agitators, shotcreting and charging machines.

Integrated Toolcarriers for Hire

  • Volvo L120- Serial #26731, 2012 Model
  • Volvo L120- Serial #26516, 2012 Model
  • Volvo L70F
  • Volvo L120F
  • Cat 930H

Low Profile Loader- LP401 for Hire

LP401 Low Profile Loader. The LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) that can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal personnel-operated machine cannot operate, or where humans should not go. Available for hire or purchase.

Volvo Mine Equipment Washer (MEW) for Hire

The Mine Equipment Washer (MEW) is a new all-in-one mobile solution for the mining and infrastructure industries, improving safety and reducing wash time. A unique and purpose-built vehicle taking washing capabilities to unmatched heights. Utilizing the components and systems from washing and de-icing systems that have already proven themselves over the years, the Vestergaard Elephant® MEW provides customers with reliable and efficient washing capability.

Air Compressor for Hire

  • CompAir 900CFM-125Psi Air Compressor

Water Carts for Hire

  • CAT AD55B Water Cart- Serial #JNW00107, 2012 Model

LHD’s/Boggers for Hire

  • CAT R1700- Serial #SBR00843
  • CAT R1700G
  • CAT R2900G
  • CAT R2900- Serial #JLK00950
  • CAT R2900- Serial #JLK00815
  • CAT R2900- Serial #JKL00987. Ready for hire on 16/12/2019

Drills for Hire

  • Sandvik DD421-60C Jumbo.
  • Sandvik DD420
  • Sandvik DD421
  • Sandvik DL420 Solo
  • Sandvik Axera 7

Dump Trucks for Hire

  • Atlas Copco MT6020 x5 units
  • CAT AD55B Ejector
  • CAT AD55
  • Sandvik TH663
  • CAT AD55B

Agitators for Hire

  • CAT AD55 8m3

Electrical Equipment for Hire

  • Substation for Hire