Murray Engineering’s Automation & Control Systems division provides Machine Guidance, Wireless Communications, Remote Control and Proximity Detection Systems for every make and model of mining equipment.

Murray Engineering has a range of products suited to your heavy equipment automation and control systems needs. Our range of Teleop system platforms enable the user to keep personnel out of harms way by, no matter the job. We pride ourselves on delivering market ready and/or customised solutions, to exceed customers expectations.

We believe in technology collaboration; offering entire turnkey solutions and machine agnostic systems through clientele consultation.  Murray Engineering’s Automation and Control Systems division is always willing to meet the expenditure expectations of clients, and ensures complete transparency from project feasibility to user-acceptance.  

We pride ourselves on delivering customised solutions to improve production and increase safety.

Solutions provided:

  • Underground Machine and Equipment Automation
  • Surface Machine and Equipment Automation
  • Fixed Machine Automation
  • Line of Sight Remote Control
  • Tele Remote Control
  • Wireless Communication Design and Supply
  • Underground Wireless Communication Network and Control
  • Machine Health and Telemetry
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Underground/Surface Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance


Murray Engineering offers a suite of products to improve productivity, safety, and increase efficiency on your mine site. The products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by our dedicated innovations team. Our highly qualified technologists come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, to ensure our products meet market expectations and perform efficiently and effectively within your operations. 


HARD-Line LP401 Low Profile Loader

Murray Engineering is the official distributor of the Hard-Line LP401 in Australia. The LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) that can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal personnel-operated machine cannot operate, or where humans should not go. It is remote controlled, 1016mm high, and has a lift capacity of 1000kgs with the counterweight kit installed. To find out more about the LP401, please visit the LP401 Product Page.

OptiME 3d Shotcrete Optimizer

The OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer is a precision 3D technology for measuring, analysing, visualising and recording the application and quality of shotcrete ground support.

Shotcrete thickness measurement is crucial in evaluating the quality and safety of shotcrete application, and the 3D Shotcrete Optimiser eliminates operator error in this process. To find out more about the OptiME, please visit the OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimizer Product Page.

ALIGNME jumbo drill alignment system

JumboAlign-3D is an innovative technology for precision drill alignment on jumbo drill machines.
Drilling at precise angles is crucial in achieving maximum productivity and quality. JumboAlign ensures better accuracy to plan, blast consistency and optimum rock fragmentation. Ultimately, it minimises deviation therefore improving drilling outcomes.

To find out more about the AlignME System, please visit the AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment Product Page.

Murray Engineering Teleop Tele-Remote System in Operation by a staff member

TeleOp System

Our TeleOp system allows the tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from a control station in a safe area on the surface or underground, regardless of distance. This dramatically increases the safety for personnel, as it removes them from the underground environment where hazards such as dust, diesel fumes and falling rock may pose a potential threat.