Murray Engineering’s Automation & Control Systems division provides Machine Guidance, Wireless Communications, Remote Control and Proximity Detection Systems for every make and model of mining equipment.

Murray Engineering is a leader in heavy equipment automation, control systems and communication solutions, using the Teleop system to ensure that personnel are kept out of harm’s way, no matter the job.

We pride ourselves on delivering customised solutions to improve production and increase safety.

Solutions provided:

  • Mobile Equipment Automation
  • Remote Control
  • Tele Remote
  • Wireless Communication
  • Machine Health and Telemetry
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance

TeleOp System

The TeleOp system we employ allows the tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from a control station in a safe area on the surface or underground, regardless of distance. This dramatically increases the safety for personnel, as it removes them from the underground environment where hazards such as dust, diesel fumes and falling rock may pose a potential threat. 

This system prioritises safety and productivity, allowing operators to comfortably control equipment from the ground to save lives. It also allows for increased productivity and work efficiency, as the system can be operated during shift change. 


  • Increased Profitability
  • Enhanced Production
  • Improved Work Efficiency
  • Operation During Shift Change
  • User-Friendly Software


  • Reduced fuel consumption in transporting personnel
  • No exposure to dust, flying rock, diesel fumes, and noise
  • Sustainable parts in remote can be fixed


  • Operators removed from underground dangers
  • Minimized travel risks travelling to and from the live mine site

Hard-Line LP401 Low Profile Loader

Murray Engineering is the official distributor of the Hard-Line LP401 in Australia. The LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) that can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal personnel-operated machine cannot operate, or where humans should not go. It is remote controlled, 1016mm high, and has a lift capacity of 1000kgs with the counterweight kit installed.

It provides a safe and easy way to collect or move ore and clean. The machine has been developed following mine requirements and user needs, and is compatible with teleop and all teleop upgrades.

Applications include: culvert cleaning, conveyor cleaning, military missions, building defensive berms, pushing blasted ore, removal of spillage, removal of materials, cleaning slopes after blasting, mucking operations in thinly bedded deposits, pushing ore, and carrying ore.


LP401 Low Profile Loader

OptiME 3D Shotcrete Optimiser

AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment System