AlignME Jumbo Boom Alignment System

The AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment System is an innovative technology for precision drill alignment on jumbo drill machines.

Drilling at precise angles is crucial in achieving maximum productivity and quality. AlignME ensures better accuracy to plan, blast consistency and optimum rock fragmentation. Ultimately, it minimises deviation therefore improving drilling outcomes.

AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment for multi and single drill

AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment technology is available for multi drill as well as single drill machines. Multi drills can be aligned to the rock face as well as to each other to ensure parallel holes. Alignment data can be recorded for post-drilling QA and QC reporting.

A ruggedized, high-performance Sensor Module is easily fitted onto each drill boom, providing reliable alignment data to a central Dashboard Module. Integrated wireless data connectivity eliminates traditional wiring, therefore completely removing the most vulnerable failure point in that harsh drilling environment.


3D Enabled Sensors

AlignME’s 3D-enabled sensors provide precise alignment data that includes drill Heading/Swing/Yaw, Tilt/Pitch and Roll angles. With integrated north-seeking ability and gravity awareness, the sensors automatically calibrate themselves to deliver accurate, stable and consistent readings.

AlignME’s advanced Quaternion Vector technology enables continuous-rotation operation that is free from‘gimbal lock’. Regular instruments struggle with this issue when pitch angle approaches the critical +/-90 degrees vertical threshold, such as when drilling and bolting ceilings in a vertically upright position. AlignME’s Quaternion Vector algorithm delivers consistent and accurate performance throughout these challenging orientations.

AlignME Jumbo Drill Alignment features & benefits


  • Enhanced hole accuracy and consistency
  • Optimum rock blast fragmentation, production efficiencies
  • Operator-assistive drill alignment guidance
  • Universal compatibility with any make/model machine as retrofit upgrade
  • Capex saving through re-use of existing drill fleet vs brand new machines


  • 3D Drill Alignment parameters continuously measured and displayed in real-time
  • Clear and concise high-resolution colour display with Touchscreen Control
  • Advanced IMU sensors with automatic north-seeking and gravity reference ability
  • Robust wireless data connectivity eliminates traditional wiring failure points
  • Quaternion Vector technology for continuous rotation without gimbal lock

Dont Settle for inferior

The conventional positioning of drill booms by visual
estimation can vary between operators. Inexperience, fatigue, poor viewing angles, harsh working environment, dust and spray can often compromise a drill plan. JumboAlign technology overcomes these challenges by providing accurate, clear and concise 3D alignment data to the operator in real-time via a high resolution touchscreen display.

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